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hari yg membosankan..

haiz...tgh countdown bla nk blik umah ni....dah lme x update blog...ari tu bz exam,biasala student kan..well past 13 may 2010...my grandfather had passed away,sob2...sad lorh,coz i on my exam week cannot go home...i cannot do anything...good news i passed my exam....n will blik umah this friday if nothing happen,..well i 2 to rest at home,...but that not gonna happen thus...ya la gonna go to kelantan,to mkn2 angin..celebrate my brother birthday.. visit my mums house,my kmpung... this holiday i want to learn guitar off coz... my brother help me to bring back my car..my lecture gonna married with student,or my senior group 69 exactly.. i hope nuting happen this 12jun,..ya la i make many big mistake back then,she's the 1 who cover up 4 me..yet nobody know bad thing that i doink,so i 1 repay her kindness by attend her weddings..wonder wat i'm doink rite??...hahaha,till pengarah kolej 1 2 meet me,huh guest wat??....secret...actually i dun hav any guts to rite today,because my mood not so gud...anyway hapy belated birthday 20th ct fatimah...haiz bored rite??i',m so bored..

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Siti Fatimah Nabihah said...

ouh.. ur granpa passed away?? takziah erk..

huhu.. im be waiting u la my dear~ hope u bec here soon!! hang out togather.. miss u so much la

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